The Importance of Unity Sand Ceremony.


You will spend less amount of money if you go for wedding sand ceremony as opposed to others. This is because you can spend zero shillings to get sand since it is locally available. As opposed to unity candle which must be bought for you to have it.  Compared to other types of wedding, you will find that wedding sand is cost effective since it does not involve a lot of things. For example, instead of booking venue you can decide to hold the wedding sand ceremony at the beach free of charge where you will also get sand readily available.  You can as well have your honeymoon at the beach instead of travelling again to other far places.  With this you would have saved a lot of money which you can use in doing other things as well.

The bondage between the people who are wedded using unity sand takes long.  Most of you know that sand will neither expire nor get spoilt not unless someone just decides to dispose it intentionally.  This is helpful especially during the times when the couples have some disagreements in their house.  The couple tend to forget the love they had when they first met and this will be initiated by the sight of the ceremonial sand. Just like the candle light disappears after sometime thus how their love will also diminish with time. In such case they will always be pushing even if they are facing serious challenges. Be sure to check out this website at and know more about wedding sands.

Another benefit of wedding sand ceremony is that it is more unique and traditional.  People like praises and to be talked about by a large group of people of which you will achieve if you old a wedding sand ceremony. One of the things that makes it look more traditional and unique is the introduction of jars of colored sand.  Many people always like traditional events as they tend to be real without exaggeration.

Even God the creator advocates for equity just like the wedding sand ceremony which does not favor one person.  Not only that but the other family members will also not be given chance to participate in lighting the candle and they may see this as if they are sidelined.  But in wedding sand everybody is given equal participation as each one of the them including all the family members will have their jar of sand to pour at the appropriate time.  Click for more details.


Wedding Sand Ceremony 101


When it comes to traditional weddings, the ceremony that symbolizes the husband and wife being one will be the unity candle lighting ceremony, but more and more couples are opting for a newer method of symbolizing such a bond. What happens during the traditional candle lighting ceremony is that the bride and the groom will have their own candles and then will be lighting together a bigger candle to symbolize their being united.

A wedding sand ceremony is no different in concept only that instead of lighting a candle, both the bride and the groom will be using wedding ceremony sand. There are a lot of reasons why more and more couples are thinking of having a wedding sand ceremony not just so they can have a better creative keepsake but also so that they will not have to worry about not being able to light up their candles. During a wedding sand ceremony the groom and the bride will be pouring their respective sand from for them to be a creative keepsake for their wedding.

Now, you have a wedding unity sand that will serve as souvenir to the day that you and your partner have tied the knot and became one.

In addition to the wedding ceremony sand from that you will be getting, you will also be receiving three glass vases in your unity sand set, the first two are smaller ones and the last one is the bigger one. What happens during the wedding ceremony is that the mothers of both bride and groom will be filling with sand the tow small glass vases or tubes and will place them beside the large glass vase. When it comes to wedding ceremony sands, couples have the liberty to be choosing what colors they want to have; oftentimes, they choose the color of their motif or their favorite colors and sometimes, they also make sure to choose white.

Things that must be done during a wedding sand ceremony

At the start of the wedding, it will be the officiant who will be pouring down the white sand into the large glass vase to mean that faith of the couple in their relationship. Holding in hand the glass that contains the colored sand of the groom, he makes sure to pour it slowly into the large vase containing the white sand. When the groom stops pouring, the bride will then slowly pour her portion of colored sand into the large vase.

The bride and groom will then take turns pouring in their colored sand. The unity ceremony commences with the bride and the groom pouring their respective portions of colored sands all at the same time. Watch this video at and know more about wedding sands.

A Guide to Planning a Ceremonial Sand Wedding


Wedding sand ceremonies are normally done with the objective of symbolizing the unification of two families into one family. The people that are wedding will each be provided with a vase with sand that are filled with different colored sand, they will then be required to pour the sand into one central jar so that the sand can form a layered effect. After the wedding officiator explains the meaning of the wedding ceremony, he will give the couple each a colored vase.

A layer of sand will be created when the groom and the bride pour the sand into a central vase. There are other people that will be allowed to pour the wedding unity sand into the central vase like the family that is participating. In order to complete the unification, each person will be required to pour the sand at the same time so as to symbolize a united family.

There are a few items that you need to look for if you are organizing a wedding sand ceremony. You will be required to have different color sand for all the people that will be participating. The size of the vase that you have will determine the amount of sand that you will need. When you are looking for the kits for the wedding, you can opt to purchase them from the retailers, you can buy the kits from different retailers so that you can be able to get different kits.

Another thing you need for the wedding is the vase, you will provide the vase to the people participating in the wedding and you will ensure that the vases are filed with sand. Having a vase that has a narrow opening that is enough is important when you want the sand to pour out cleanly. It is important to have an empty vase, when you are selecting the vase, it is important to ensure that you select a vase that you can display in your house. Check out this website at and know more about sands.

At the altar, you will need to have a small table, the wedding ceremony will take place in this altar. For the easy transportation of the vase, it is important to ensure that you have cotton balls as well as clear tape. The transportation of your vase will be safe when you fill it with cotton balls then use the clear tape at the top to secure the cotton balls. You can have the vase they you buy personalized with your name. There are sources that you can get the sand to use in the wedding, for example you can get the sand from a beach that you love or the sand from the place that you grew up in. Check out more info here.

Sand Weddings Need to be Remembered


The wedding is among the best big and special days that couples treasure. Weddings are the best days that couples need to be holding hands the entire day and not get tired.   In fact, there should not be another day when you enjoy time with one another, and that is why you need to make it special.  If you do not express your feeling during this day, then you might not find the correct time to tell your lover how much you are in love with him/her.  To make the ceremony a little bit interesting that is the reason you should try some special practices to remind you of your big day.  Apart from the pictures and videos, sand is something that is a bit realistic and feels real when touching it.

When you make the wrong sand choice, then you will not make it to have a memorable sand ceremony for your entire life. Those that do not care about their vase will not get what they need. Remember that the sand you mix with your loved one is what you are going to use for the rest of your lives.  Hence, getting it correct for the first instance is the advice you need.   With the correct vase, you will have it correct.   Ensure that the glass you will be using is very clear that will show the mixture.  Again, you would want to create the best impression of your reputation.

When it comes to choosing the right sand, you need to be cautious about the color.  Many couples complain of not having the right mixture because they made the wrong choice of colors.   Again it is worth taking time because once you have poured the wedding ceremony sand, there is no other time to repeat the procedure.  There will be no time when you begin to blame one another that you were advised to choose the wrong choice of color yet the colors like so many an uncountable.

Those couples who have a bad experience of the sand ceremonies make a mistake of having the wrong undertaking.  To avoid boredom, it is advisable that you create something special.  Thus, there needs to be a special schedule for mixing the sand.  During this moment, that is when you need to make your vows for each other also, you need to put your rings to each other.  If you have to, create an exciting song that will be reminding you of the great moments.  The best place to position your table is next to the altar and then begin pouring the sand. With all the great hacks to use when having a sand wedding, you would not have any difficulties. Also, the best tips will make your wedding event become sensible. Know more about sands at .

Important Facts Concerning the Wedding Sand Ceremony


If you could ask the old or the newly born generation, they will confirm to you that they only know of unity candle to be used in most of the wedding ceremonies. It is like this tradition is being broken as many people nowadays have switched to unity sand to be used in their wedding ceremonies. You find that a lot of time had been wasted when using unity candle as even deciding on the one to lit the candle has been a problem as others see it as discriminating the other partner.  Prior preparation will be made in wedding sand ceremony to select the best sand with the color which the bride and the groom will like including their family members. Just like other wedding all the normal procedures will be followed to the latter.

In this the bride and the group will have to stand in front of the audience after the officiant has quoted some few words. The officiant will the issue the bride and the groom with the main thing which is sand of different colors depending with the color that they will choose. Not only that, but they will also be provided with one big jar where they will pour their sands to form a mixture.  From there he then gives the opportunity for the bride to pour his colored sand to the central jar.  After the bride has finished pouring the unity sand sets the groom will them take the opportunity to pour her sand which will now form the second layer. They will do this simultaneously until that time that they would have finished all the sand in their jars.

When this is done, it will be like the couples are now united and the officiant will declare them husband and wife after making an oath to be loyal to one another.  This will be followed by a series of activities as planned such as eating together as a family, holding a party where people will dance and drink to celebrate the newly wedded and then going for honeymoon in a place of their choice.  Learn more about sands at

Another thing is that in other unity sand ceremony wedding, the family members are also given the opportunity to pour their sand after the bride and groom.  This is not mandatory but it depends with the organization of the families that are uniting to form one.

Many people have argued that unity sand strengthens the relationship between the husband and wife.  For one this sand will last like forever unless someone decides to interfere with it in one way or the other.  Once they see the sand especially during the times when there are quarrels it will be reminding of the past good times they enjoyed.