The Importance of Unity Sand Ceremony.


You will spend less amount of money if you go for wedding sand ceremony as opposed to others. This is because you can spend zero shillings to get sand since it is locally available. As opposed to unity candle which must be bought for you to have it.  Compared to other types of wedding, you will find that wedding sand is cost effective since it does not involve a lot of things. For example, instead of booking venue you can decide to hold the wedding sand ceremony at the beach free of charge where you will also get sand readily available.  You can as well have your honeymoon at the beach instead of travelling again to other far places.  With this you would have saved a lot of money which you can use in doing other things as well.

The bondage between the people who are wedded using unity sand takes long.  Most of you know that sand will neither expire nor get spoilt not unless someone just decides to dispose it intentionally.  This is helpful especially during the times when the couples have some disagreements in their house.  The couple tend to forget the love they had when they first met and this will be initiated by the sight of the ceremonial sand. Just like the candle light disappears after sometime thus how their love will also diminish with time. In such case they will always be pushing even if they are facing serious challenges. Be sure to check out this website at and know more about wedding sands.

Another benefit of wedding sand ceremony is that it is more unique and traditional.  People like praises and to be talked about by a large group of people of which you will achieve if you old a wedding sand ceremony. One of the things that makes it look more traditional and unique is the introduction of jars of colored sand.  Many people always like traditional events as they tend to be real without exaggeration.

Even God the creator advocates for equity just like the wedding sand ceremony which does not favor one person.  Not only that but the other family members will also not be given chance to participate in lighting the candle and they may see this as if they are sidelined.  But in wedding sand everybody is given equal participation as each one of the them including all the family members will have their jar of sand to pour at the appropriate time.  Click for more details.